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ROARRR Talk exists to create opportunities for people to have ‘Purpose-Fueled Conversations’. We believe that it is time for African people to have conversations on African issues and to find solutions that will benefit the African continent. It is with this purpose in mind that we created this platform to start activation-orientated conversations that are focused on impacting our immediate world we live in.

How it works?

ROARRR Talk can be grouped into two categories; (1) Events, and (2) Online Discussions. Our events are held on a quarterly basis and are supplemented with bi-weekly online discussions. Our engagements have a huge focus on creating a diverse and unique experience and it is for this reason we bring people (youth and the developed) from all walks of life to share their perspectives, experiences and knowledge on pressing matters. Each event has a different theme relevant to the African context and will aim to create networking opportunities and partnerships that will address the themes in question.  

Be part of ROARRR Talk!

Partnership is essential for our platform. We currently have two ways to partner up: (1) become a speaker on the platform as well as help us create relevant online content to empower our listeners. (2) Become a sponsor for the events. Our ultimate goal is to have multiple sessions running across SA (eventually the SADC region) throughout the year, bringing the best African speaker from across the continent. In order to establish such a vision, we would need the buy-in of sponsors/partners to assist us in establishing the platform on a micro/macro scale. 

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ROARRR Talk: Pretoria

29 Oct 2020

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ROARRR: Vision 2030

It is our vision to activate
200 000 youths (ages 16-25) with our "I am a BRAND" program by 2030.

You can get involved today by sponsoring a youth at R99.00 once off. Participants will be taken through the “I am a BRAND” process, which includes the online course and the three related personal development webinars.