Identity is Everything

Who We Are
At ROARRR we envision a society where individuals are activated not just in becoming good citizens, but also in becoming value-adding citizens. We dream of a society where we move away from being consumers to a society where we all produce for the benefit of that society. The future plays a big role in how we approach development. That is why we have equipped ourselves with critical development skills over the past 10 years to assist our clients to see a better future and then create it.
Our Journey
What started off as a business that wanted to make an impact in the lives of the youth has now evolved into a multi-layered organization impacting in the following industries; Corporate Staff Training, Educational Development (Academics & Media) as well as Youth Empowerment.
Nov 2012
ROARRR Youth Leadership is established
Jan 2015
ROARRR implements its first Corporate Training program
Jan 2017
ROARRR Tutoring tutors our first client
Aug 2019
ROARRR Talk is founded
Our Services

ROARRR: Corporate Training

WE ACTIVATE CULTURE: explore our unique staff activation programs, focused on developing the individual, activating culture and increasing collective efficacy.

ROARRR: Youth Leadership

WE ACTIVATE IDENTITY: explore our Youth Leadership service offering specifically designed to assist participants in discovering personal identity and activating social significance.  

ROARRR: Tutoring

Mentors Who Tutor – a service offering geared to empower learners to achieve academic and personal success.


ROARRR Talk exists to create opportunities for people to have ‘Purpose Fueled Conversations’. 

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JOIn the Tribe

For empowering developMENT insights

ROARRR: Vision 2030

It is our vision to activate
200 000 youths (ages 16-25) with our "I am a BRAND" program by 2030.

You can get involved today by sponsoring a youth at R99.00 once off. Participants will be taken through the “I am a BRAND” process, which includes the online course and the three related personal development webinars.