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At ROARRR we thrive on seeing people, brands and organizations develop into value-adding entities. "Identity & Culture Activation" is the heart of our business where we aim to cultivate authentic identity and activate thriving organizational cultures. The future plays a big role in how we approach development. That is why we have equipped ourselves with critical development skills over the past 10 years to assist our clients to see and create a better future.

Our 2030 vision is to activate 



We activate CULTURE..

A 3-step process to activate and develop a thriving organizational culture. 


“We activate BRAND consciousness to enable conscious BRAND development”

At ROARRR we believe that IDENTITY forms the foundation to a successful life journey. This is applicable to the individual and organizations. A strong sense of IDENTITY increases the likelihood of achieving the desired milestones, but more importantly weather the storms we face. Our first and foundational step of the “WE ACTIVATE CULTURE” process focuses on activating staff to become brand conscious in order for successful brand IDENTITY development to take place. 

Through the use of our unconventional development workshops, your team will be empowered with ROARRR’s unique ‘Brand Equation’! This will not only assist them to actively build their personal brand identities, but also give them a glimpse into how their brands can add value to the bigger picture (your brand). 


  • Activate and promote self-development.

  • Establish organizational brand fundamentals.

  • Reinforce organizational IDENTITY.

  • Start the process of creating a successful culture.



Exceptional cultures have an innate ability to utilize the TALENTS within the group. Talents are your naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior and can productively be applied. The more dominant your talents themes, the greater the theme’s impact will be on your behavior and performance. 

In this 2nd step of the “WE  ACTIVATE CULTURE” process we aim assist you in building a strength-based culture by measuring the presence of 34 talent themes within your workforce through the use a world-class talent assessment. Upon completing the talent identification process the focus shift to talent activation. Through one-on-one coaching sessions our consultants will guide participants in the process to ultimately take their talents and turn them into STRENGTHS.


  • Self-development continuation.

  • Celebrate individuality within the workforce.

  • Increased staff morale and productivity.

  • Strengthening organizational culture.


After completing step 1 and 2 of the “WE ACTIVATE CULTURE” process the 3rd and final step is OWNERSHIP. The most valuable employee that your organization can have is the one who takes full ownership of their own development, their organizational role, and some more. Imagine having a workforce that takes complete ownership!

Our ownership step is achieved through the use of two experiential learning programs (IGNITE & ABC Leaders) focused creating trust, opening communication channels and pursuing leadership. Experience is one of the best teachers and our learning programs create meaningful experiences between team members that will positively affect the performance and engagement within the workplace. 



  • Self-development continuation.

  • Activate ownership culture.

  • Increased team cohesion and responsibility.

  • Activate future aspiring leadership.


Meet the people behind our success


Ferdie Heunis

  • Hons. Graduate – Economics and Management Sciences.
  • Qualified Talent and Strengths Coach.
  • 12 Years experience in people development and training.

Tefo Maduna

  • Adventure-based Experiential Learning (ABEL) facilitator.
  •  12 Years experience in the training and development industry.

David Mchina

  • Hons. Graduate – Economics and Management Sciences.
  • UP Eldership program (mentor).
  • 6 Years experience in people development and training.

Our Online Courses


I am a BRAND

A course designed to activate you in the development of your personal brand. We will take you through a step-by-step process focusing on the brand fundamentals that will assist you in building a successful/significant personal brand.


Strength Identification

A real-time online development session where you will complete a world-class talent identification assessment and then start the process of turning your talents into strengths with the assistance of one of our qualified consultants.

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ROARRR: Vision 2030

It is our vision to activate
200 000 youths (ages 16-25) with our "I am a BRAND" program by 2030.

You can get involved today by sponsoring a youth at R99.00 once off. Participants will be taken through the “I am a BRAND” process, which includes the online course and the three related personal development webinars.